Focus on public safety and crime prevention

My position is clear. Building in any high fire hazard zone will certainly increase fire and public safety risk. There are at least 18 communities in Calabasas with limited ingress/egress in emergency situations. The 101 freeway is designated as a main evacuation route, however, during the Woolsey fire it was closed in both directions at times, trapping residents.

Calabasas also has a problem with cell reception that’s impacted by the topography. A reliable method of conveying information during emergencies is critical. I propose working with CERT members in our community to create more localized, neighborhood networks to alert residents.

I got involved as a Public Safety Commissioner to give back to the community and represent our shared values. Working alongside City Councilmember Alicia Weintraub, I spearheaded the Flock Camera License Plate Reader system for the safety of all Calabasas residences and businesses.