For 25 years, I owned and operated my own textile business in a very demanding industry. Looking for a new challenge, I changed careers. As an accredited Investment Advisor, I assist clients with forecasting needs and planning for the future, skills applicable to the tasks required of the City Council.

I understand the importance of careful planning and fiscal responsibility to bring in projects on time and on budget.

I got involved in public service as a Commissioner to give back to the community and represent our shared values. I currently serve as a member of the Calabasas Public Safety Commission, appointed by City Councilmember Peter Kraut.

My public service background also includes serving as Chair for The Foundation for Pierce College from 2015-2022, and currently serving as the Immediate Past-Chair.

Since 2013, I have served as President of The Greater Mulwood Homeowners Association.

As a Calabasas resident for the past 29 years, I voted No on N to protect our interests and preserve our city’s development processes.

I already have good relationships with current City Councilmembers that will allow me to “hit the ground running”.

Working alongside City Councilmember Alicia Weintraub, we spearheaded the Flock Camera License Plate Reader system for the safety of all Calabasas residences and businesses. This system provides local Sheriffs with a tool to reduce crime and improve our neighborhood security and safeguard the entrances and exits of our city.

I was appointed by our current mayor, Mary Sue Maurer, to the Calabasas Senior Center Task Force. I participated in the design, construction, and prompt completion of what has become an iconic building at our Civic Center. To be chosen to take on this important task was a humbling experience and is a source of great pride in the achievement.

Ed Albrecht and Family

If elected to City Council, I will:

  • Focus on public safety and crime prevention.
  • Listen to the community. Respect and encourage residents to voice their concerns.
  • Support our local schools.
  • Consider our precious environment and fire risk in development decisions.
  • Apply my business skills and experience to find creative solutions.
  • Commit to transparency within City government.

Together, we can work to keep Calabasas the community we love, for the reasons we all moved here.